Birding as stress relief

Sorry I’ve been so silent lately.  I’m preparing for my PhD dissertation defense this upcoming Wednesday, May 21st.  I have already sent out my written dissertation to my committee. Now I need to give a talk explaining the details and relevance of the last five years’ work!  I’m stressed.  The process is not designed for […]

Biking big day — results!

The tally is in, the ducks are in a row, the wheels have stopped spinning.  At midnight on Tuesday, April 29th, we had found 179 species in 24 hours (full list here).  We didn’t break last year’s record of 181.  However, the day was anything but a failure.  We kayaked through a harbor at night, […]

Biking big day — why? (guest posts)

You’ve heard a lot from me.  Here are two very nice perspectives on the why and how of green big days: the first by Andy Kleinhesselink, the second by Josiah Clark.   Why do a self-propelled/Green/carbon-free/bicycling Big Day? It doesn’t matter what you call it, doing a Big Day without a car is something very few […]

Stanford Cardinal takes it (greenly)! — Stanford v. Berkeley birdathon

UPDATE: a little bit of popular press.  Though, for the record, plenty of the Stanford birders actually really like football and enjoy going to The Big Game. Stanford takes the victory!  With a total of 76 species, our hale and hearty team of 10 edged out Berkeley’s team, who found 64 species.  If you […]

Go Stanford! — Stanford v. Berkeley birdathon 4/13

How many bird species are on Stanford’s campus on a spring morning?  I’ll tell you soon enough!  This Sunday is Birding’s Big Game.  4 hours, 1 Stanford team, 1 UC Berkeley team, 60+ species.  I’ll be coordinating the Stanford side of things, working with an awesome crew of a dozen birders: alumni, undergrads, grad students, […]

Native nursery birding and planting

Yesterday I had the opportunity to join my friends Josiah Clark and Brian Turner and head up to Josiah and Andrew Scavullo’s native plant nursery in Penngrove, CA (Sonoma County).  Josiah and Andrew grow an incredible array of native SF Bay Area plants, and are responsible for raising a lot of plants that have now […]