Native nursery birding and planting

Yesterday I had the opportunity to join my friends Josiah Clark and Brian Turner and head up to Josiah and Andrew Scavullo’s native plant nursery in Penngrove, CA (Sonoma County).  Josiah and Andrew grow an incredible array of native SF Bay Area plants, and are responsible for raising a lot of plants that have now taken root as part of local habitat restoration projects.

I tagged along to help out with some vegetable garden planting, but I also took a moment to check out the birds.  Sorry for the absence of photos, but my constantly muddy hands deterred me from handling my phone.  I did, however, take a moment at the end to record a few calls.

A White-tailed Kite worked over nearby field, while White-crowned and Golden-crowned Sparrows occasional erupted in song.  Tree Swallows meticulously inspected nesting boxes in preparation for breeding, and a few Northern Rough-winged Swallows even dropped by to perch for a while.


For bonus points, feel free to point out the other birds in the background of this recording.


As the sun started to fall, another creature serenaded us.  Here are the sweet songs of Pacific tree frogs (Pseudacris regilla), emanating from a wet depression.

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