Team BeastMasters

To find hundreds of species over hundreds of miles, you must be not only an observer of beasts, but a beast master.  Or at least, that’s what we like to tell ourselves.  Dominik Mosur nicknamed our team last week, and it felt right.

From left to right: Rob Furrow, Josiah Clark, and Andy Kleinhesselink

From left to right: Rob Furrow, Josiah Clark, and Andy Kleinhesselink

You’ve heard a bit about me.  I’m on the verge of finishing my PhD in evolutionary biology, and looking forward to teaching at local Bay Area colleges next year.  I tend to be a planner, so I serve the team as the lead route planner, the time keeper, and the Santa Clara County anchor.

Josiah Clark, aka the Spirit Animal, runs a native plant nursery, and works on local habitat restoration and natural history education projects in and around San Francisco.  He is the relentless bird dog, the habitat specialist, and the gear master.  There’s no way we could pull off the kayaking and biking combo without his incredible expertise.

Andy ‘missing link’ Kleinhesselink is an ecologist working on a PhD at Utah State University.  He took the train all the way from Logan, UT to Berkeley to join us again this year.  Andy brings a careful, thorough, analytical approach to the team, mediates between the different crazy energies of his teammates, and carries a dogged perseverance.

With Josiah and Andy, by my side as we blast through this route, anything seems possible!

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